ISIS supporters arrested for planning second Temple Mount attack


Last Thursday, the Israeli Police and Shin Bet arrested three Israeli Arabs from Umm al-Fahm on suspicion of supporting ISIS. Two of the suspects, who were indicted this morning at the Haifa District Court, were also planning to carry out a shooting attack at the Temple Mount.

The suspects who were indicted are 26-year-old Said Ghassoub Mahmoud Jabarin and a 16-year-old. The third Israeli Arab who was arrested is 24-year-old Faras Salah Mahmoud Mahajna, an ISIS supporter suspected of possessing weapons.

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Gun that was confiscated Photo Credit: Shin Bet/Channel 2 News

During the investigation, two guns and ammunition, which were supposed to be used in the attack, were confiscated. At Mahajna’s home, a Carl Gustaf firearm was discovered. The planned terror attack was reportedly supposed to demonstrate the suspects’ support for the murderous ideology of ISIS.

As part of the investigation, other Umm al-Fahm residents were arrested on suspicion of being somewhat involved in the planning of the attack by selling the suspects the weapons. While security forces searched the suspects’ residences, they found illegal weapons.

“We consider the Israelis who support ISIS, mainly those who have ties to the terrorists of the organization and act under the auspices of the organization in the State of Israel’s territory, a serious security threat,” a senior Shin Bet official stated.

In July 2017, three Umm al-Fahm residents carried out a shooting attack near the Temple Mount. In the attack, two police officers were murdered. After shooting the victims, the terrorists fled to the Temple Mount, where Israeli security forces located and eliminated them.

Originally posted at Jerusalem Online.

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