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A recent article by Middle East expert Daniel Pipes examined the influence of religion and church attendance on American attitudes toward Israel. What he found is that 66% of weekly church attendees support Israel, while 13% support the Palestinians and 21% are neutral. Among Americans who do not attend church at all, only 46% support Israel. Pipes concludes with the statement: In conclusion, Israel benefits from the fact that Americans remain in large part a religious people. But declining religiosity bodes ill for the Jewish state. For the full article, click here.

All 32 of the Hamas terror tunnels discovered by the Israel Defense Forces have been destroyed. These terror tunnels served one purpose: to carry out attacks on Israel. Hamas has used this system to ambush Israeli soldiers and attempt terrorist attacks on Israeli civilian communities. The terrorist organization used a similar tunnel in 2006 in order to infiltrate Israel, kill two IDF soldiers, and kidnap Corporal Gilad Shalit. Hamas has repeatedly said that it wants to kidnap more Israelis in similar attacks. The neutralization of these tunnels marks a major step toward protecting Israeli civilians from terror. Quote from Israel’s…

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