Israel hits Syrian army posts in response to drone incursion


Israeli forces attacked Syrian military positions near the countries’ shared border early Thursday, the ‎IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed Thursday.

Syrian state media also confirmed the incident, saying ‎the country’s air defenses “thwarted much of the ‎attack.”

The Israeli military posted a video featuring footage of IAF missiles hitting what ‎appeared to be a hut, a ‎two-story structure and a ‎five-story structure ‎amid hilly terrain.‎

Video: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The Syrian Arab News Agency quoted a Syrian military source as saying that ‎”The attack near Hader at the frontier of the ‎‎Israeli-occupied Golan Heights caused only material ‎‎damages.”

Some Arab media reports said the strike had resulted in several casualties. ‎

‎The Israeli strike came in retaliation ‎for a Syrian drone incursion into Israeli territory ‎on Wednesday. The drone was shot down by a Patriot ‎missile over northern Israel, the military said.‎

IDF Spokesman in English Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus ‎said the drone was continuously monitored as it ‎traveled about 10 kilometers (6 miles) ‎inside ‎Israeli airspace. ‎

He explained ‎that the IDF “scrambled four fighter jets that were ‎on standby ‎for similar missions as well as two ‎attack ‎helicopters” toward the Syrian drone.‎

Conricus ‎said that after the drone was destroyed by ‎‎a single Patriot missile, the debris landed near ‎‎the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel.‎

Military officials believe the drone ‎was on an ‎‎intelligence-gathering mission, but it was not clear whether it had purposely entered Israel or had simply strayed from ‎‎its intended path, originating in Jordanian ‎airspace.‎

The military issued a statement warning that it ‎‎‎”will not allow any violation of Israeli airspace ‎‎and will act against any attempt to harm its ‎‎civilians.”‎

‎”The IDF holds the Syrian ‎‎regime accountable for the ‎actions carried out in ‎‎its territory and warns it ‎from further action ‎‎against Israeli forces,” the ‎statement said.‎

‎Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on a state ‎visit to Russia, reiterated that Israel will hold ‎Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime responsible ‎for any attempt to compromise Israel’s security on the ‎Golan Heights. ‎

‎”A few hours ago, a Syrian aircraft infiltrated ‎Israel’s airspace,” he said. “We intercepted it, and ‎we will continue to act decisively against any ‎spillover and any infiltration of Israeli territory ‎or airspace.”‎

In his meeting with Russian President Vladimir ‎Putin, Netanyahu stressed that Israel does not ‎intend to threaten Assad’s rule, but stressed that ‎Moscow must work to remove Iranian forces from the ‎war-torn country. ‎

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon called on ‎the Security Council to ‎condemn Wednesday’s drone ‎incursion as a “dangerous ‎act that not only ‎threatens Israel, but the ‎stability of the entire ‎region.”‎

He said the incursion threatened “the safety and ‎‎security of Israel’s northern cities and towns” and ‎‎added that Israel has “repeatedly warned the ‎‎Security Council of the destabilizing activities ‎‎taking place in Syria and the threats they pose to ‎‎Israel and the Middle East.”‎

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who toured the ‎Israel-Syria border Wednesday, promised a “harsh ‎response” to any attempt by Syrian forces to advance toward the Israeli border area, which has been demilitarized under ‎a Separation of Forces Agreement since 1974.‎

Originally posted at Israel Hayom.

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