Israeli Defense Forces respond to Syrian rockets fired into Golan Heights


At least three rockets fired from Syria hit the Israeli Golan Heights last weekend. The incident was initially downplayed as errant mortar fire, mere “spillover” from Syria’s ongoing civil war.

But top military officials admitted later that the attack was likely intentional, and was just the latest in a string of escalating provocations.

A senior officer in the IDF Northern Command told Israel’s NRG news portal:

“It was not mortar shells or artillery shells, but rockets that hit our territory. The chance that it was unintentional is very low: There were no battles taking place in the area from which the rockets were launched.

“It is very possible that this is a message from Syria. Our main fear at the moment is that this will become routine, because we have noticed the region heating up since March.”

Israel responded to the attack by destroying three Syrian army artillery positions.

But, as the above officer noted, should the cross-border incidents continue, Israel will be compelled to take more drastic action.

Originally posted at Israel Today.

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