King of Jordan: I believe the ‘Deal of the Century’ will be released soon


Jordan’s King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein spoke with France24 this week about the West Bank annexation and US President Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century.

US President Donald Trump’s peace plan will likely be revealed soon, Jordan’s King Abdullah II told France 24, as he warned that Israeli annexation plans and the absence of a government was harming his country’s relation with the Jewish state.
He said that, while he has no information on when the deal will be released, he has spoken with Trump about it “numerous” times and thinks that it will be announced soon, which will allow him and his European partners to make decisions on how to proceed.
“Our job [when the plan is released]is to look at the glass half-full,” he told France24, adding that he plans to build on the deal to “bring Israelis and Palestinians together.” Hussein said that the main problem is that until the plan is released, Jordan and its European allies are in a “gray area” and that they cannot make decisions on how to proceed until they see the details of the plan.

When discussing his conversations with Trump, he thinks the president “understands what is needed to bring Israelis and Palestinians together,” which he emphasized is what Jordan supports. The king sees stability between the Israelis and Palestinians as key to regional stability.

The king also discussed Prime Minster Benjamin Netanayhu’s annexation announcement, which he remarked had “tremendous negativity towards the Israeli-Jordanian relationship.” However, he emphasized that he would not know more until the elections were finished.

“From the Jordanian perspective, the [Israeli-Jordanian] relationship is important, moving dialogue back between the Israelis and Palestinians is essential and moving the dialogue back between Israel and Jordan, which has been on pause for the past two years, is essential.”

He added that, “Jordan is strategically committed to the peace between Jordan and Israel, that is a major element of stability in the region and that due to the Israeli elections, which have been going on for more than a year, the Israeli-Jordanian “relationship is on pause.”

He expressed his hopes that the Israeli people would choose a government “sooner rather than later” to allow the countries to resume their ties.
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