Lebanese soldiers aim weapons at IDF forces working along border


Amid rising tension in the North, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Monday that Israel has missiles that can reach any target throughout the Middle East.

For the second time, Lebanese Army soldiers pointed their weapons at the Israeli Defense Forces along the border between Israel and Lebanon, The Jerusalem Post reports Monday.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the incident was documented by a media outlet friendly to Hezbollah showing Lebanese troops aiming their rifles at IDF troops who were only a few meters away. The Israeli forces were laying barbed wire at the time.

The IDF confirmed that its troops had put barbed wire on the border, but denied that it had crossed into Lebanon, The Jerusalem Post reports.

The Jerusalem Post quotes Lebanon’s Naharnet, which said that “tensions surged after dozens of Israeli troops and three [French-made] excavators crossed the electronic border fence … and started drilling works near the U.N.-demarcated Blue Line.”

Israel began working along the so-called Blue Line since December 4 to expose Hezbollah’s terror tunnels in an operation named Northern Shield. The IDF is working on its side of the border and has called on the Lebanese government to destroy the tunnels on its side.

While it appears that neither side wants an escalation in the conflict, Israel has prepared troops in the event of an incident. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that the IDF is ready for any eventuality.

Originally posted at World Israel News.

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