NETANYAHU: Not prepared to allow the State of Israel to be endangered


“We will continue to act on all fronts, including on the northern front, because we are not prepared to allow someone to establish power and endanger the State of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

“Power is the guarantee of our existence, and it is the essential and fundamental condition for achieving peace with our neighbors,” he said.

The comments came a day after Syrian media and foreign accounts reported that Israel attacked Syrian targets near Hama on Saturday, killing two Iranians and destroying several buildings.
The outlets said the Israel Air Force carried out the assault from Lebanese airspace. The jets reportedly targeted an Iranian-controlled military base, which has been attacked several times.

Netanyahu made the comments while participating in a salute to the bereaved families of fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.“Only if we stand as a wall in the face of the evil of our wickedness, willing to act when we need self-risk, will we ensure, with God’s help, the eternity of Israel,” he said. “We are determined to defend our country—even against the bitter and the great enemies, who have championed our destruction. We are not deterred by the struggle, knowing that we are fighting against those who seek our souls. Our spirits are strong, our strength is strong.“We are not rushing to battle. Who like us knows that the price of the war is terrible, but let no one fool us – when Israel’s security is at stake, we are acting in full force. Those who endanger us are far more in danger,” he said.

President Reuven Rivlin also attended and spoke at the event.

“The lives of bereaved families are split in two—life before bereavement and the knock on the door, and life afterwards,” he said. “When the chasm opens up, it can never be filled. Everyone here tonight knows the well of tears from personal experience, the depths of grief and loss, how sharp the pain and how infinite the yearning.”

“The fallen soldiers were the best of our men and women,” he continued. “When I meet you, I learn about the values they grew up with—volunteerism, comradeship, giving, a love of the country and a love of their fellows. I pray that what united them in battle will bring us together as we go about our daily lives. Because we are all part of the same human tapestry. Each one of your beloved boys and girls was a whole world. Every bereaved family is a whole world.

“I make sure to meet the families, not only on Memorial Day, and each time I do so I am humbled again by your steadfastness, your daily struggles, your incredible ability to pick up the pieces, to continue and to flourish. To straighten your backs, to raise your heads and to start walking. To hold on to life. Your hope inspires us all. We salute the fallen heroes, and we salute you.”

Originally posted at Jerusalem Post.

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